About this site

A Muddle of Morris was started to share thoughts and silliness on the wonderful hobby that is morris dancing, in all its forms.

A bit of serious stuff, a bit of satire, a bit of silliness and some links.

It’s written by a dancer of Cotswold Morris and Yorkshire Longsword.

Ideas or comments? Get in touch:




One thought on “About this site

  1. Hi, think its a great idea but our information on the map is incorrect to the point of being in the wrong town and having the wrong name. Can you correct it as follows;
    Maltby Sword Dancers & Plough Bullocks – meet every Monday 7.30 to 9.30. at Maltby Miner’s Welfare, Muglet Lane, Maltby, South Yorkshire. Team is mixed gender and mixed ages (12 yrs to 67 yrs) We dance longsword, rapper and ‘Stots’ dances from East Yorkshire.
    all the best
    Paul (Squire – Maltby Sword)


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