Morris map

Looking to join your local side, find a morris team to dance at your event, or just interested in seeing which teams are around you? I’ve put together a map of almost 800 morris teams dotted around the world to help.

You can either show every team, or use the filter bar to look for a specific type of morris team in your area. You can also search for a specific team.

A couple of points on using the map:

  • I’m aware that some teams dance more than one style equally, but for the purpose of filtering I’ve gone with what seemed to be the team’s main style.
  • There are some venues that host multiple teams. I’ve tried to split these markers so they are not on top of each other, but this means they may not be exactly on the practice venue.
  • I’ve listed the gender of teams as that of the dancers. I know some teams allow musicians of the other sex, and that some teams prefer to be known as open to all genders, rather than ‘mixed’, but again for the purpose of filtering, I have gone with male, female and mixed.
  • I’ve linked to the web presence that seemed the most up-to-date – mostly websites, but sometimes Facebook pages.
  • There are some teams I left off as I couldn’t find their website, and therefore any details on where they are based. If you spot any, please point me to them and I will add them.

Let me know if you spot any errors. You can add any teams I’ve missed using this form.

(Open map in a new window.)

8 thoughts on “Morris map

  1. Hi, I looked for Martha Rhoden’s Tuppenny Dish and just found two markers for Shropshire Bedlams. Could we have our very own marker please? We always dance together but we do like a bit of recognition 😉


      1. So we have! My apologies, I obviously didn’t make the map big enough to separate us. If you want to be absolutely accurate though you would have to swap the venues. The women practice at the Tuns and the men at Lydbury North, except the first Tuesday of the month when we have a joint practice at the Tuns. x


      2. Yes, the zoom is a bit annoying. There is a way to have them on top of each other and then separate out when you click one, but unfortunately it’s a bit beyond my current tech capabilities and I don’t have the time to learn!

        I’ll swap you over though – I remember you two being tricky to place with your split/joint practices! James


  2. Hi – what a brilliant resource! Be great if you could change Styx of Stroud to practice Thursday, and we actually meet in two venues – the one you have occasionally, and normally (more regularly) at Stroud Methodist Church Hall, Parliament St, Stroud GL5 1QH. Not urgent as people can find out more on the website, but just if you get the chance. Thanks!


  3. Fabulous. A lot of hard work.has gone in to this. Do you mind up dating wolfshead and vixen to practising in the Good Intent pub , Rochester.
    Many thanks


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