Boggart’s Breakfast EP

Hats off to Boggart’s Breakfast, who have nailed their fundraising target for their new EP.

The Sheffield border team needed to crowdfund £1200 to be able to release their debut EP of band music. I have to say, I was pretty skeptical they’d make it. But what do I know? Not a lot, apparently, as they smashed it in only a week and the total is still going up.

For anyone else looking for crowdfund anything, the key is to get every one of your members sharing the fundraising page. I’ve done a bit of this stuff for work and know how hard it can be. A lot of people I have worked with seem to think that just putting a page up is enough. It would be like putting a hat out and then being surprised that you don’t raise much money. You need to shake the hat in peoples’ faces or, in this case, get lots of people to constantly share the page. Now, Boggart’s are a pretty big side so their reach is massive, but even so a team of only 10 members should be able to reach at least 50 personal contacts each, and a lot more through morris networks on social media. It’s therefore not beyond the realms of possibility to replicate what Boggart’s have done, but it does require hard work and lots of nagging!

You can still pledge to buy Boggart’s Breakfast EP, and I’ve no doubt they’ll be selling it at their various appearances over summer. Given the quality of their band, it’s sure to be great.

More from Boggart’s Breakfast:


2 thoughts on “Boggart’s Breakfast EP

  1. Hello
    The map is an excellent initiative. However there is an error in that Rutland Morris Men practice at Ashwell Village Hall near Oakham in Rutland not Ashwell in Cambridgeshire 65 miles to the south of us.
    Could that be corrected please.
    Everything else is okay.
    Kind Regards,
    RMM Facebook person


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