Stealing Sheep music video

Yet another morris video featuring morris has emerged and, with all due respect to Covered in Tits and that indie bloke, this one is blows the others away.

It’s from an electronic trio called Stealing Sheep and features Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers and Oxford Town & Gown Morris* (I’m not convinced it’s their members doing the backflips – though I could be wrong).

What I like about it is there seems to have been a real effort by the director to choreograph the dancing with the music, rather than just playing music over a video of dancers. Fair play to Abingdon and Oxford City, as it seems they’ve done a bit of work on the routines so they fit – I certainly think it was worthwhile.

The other thing I really like is that the band got involved with the dancing and have clearly put a lot of work into learning some stepping and a routine. As a result they look like very good dancers. Maybe one day they will consider joining a side for real

More videos should have dancing straw bears.

Finally, I think it’s great for morris generally to be involved in stuff like this. The more mainstream and ‘normal’ morris feels in our culture and the less cliquey or unapproachable it seems, the more people won’t feel embarrassed or intimidated about giving it a go – and that can only be good for all morris sides.

You can read more about the video at The Guardian right now.

Anyway, in conclusion; I think this is bloody great, both video and song.

*Apologies – it is actually the combined team Oxford Town & Gown Morris who are featured wearing the kit of Oxford University Morris Men, not Oxford City Morris Men as originally stated.

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